About Us


Hi, welcome to Britain’s Junior Miss, we’re your bridge to great confidence, fabulous friends and a beautiful sparkly crown!

You might be thinking

Am I confident enough?

Am I pretty enough?

Am I the right size and hair colour?

Would I fit in?

Will the other girls talk to me?

Am I what they’re looking for? 

Then you’re in the RIGHT place for us to answer those questions for you, so that you can have the experience of a lifetime!


With 20 years of experience in confidence boosting, professional catwalk show hosting and making dreams come true, we are Britain’s only event of its type exclusively for 13-17 year olds and we pride ourselves in “creating outstanding women”


There are thousands of books, courses and programmes you can watch to help boost your confidence, but that’s all just theory.


With Britain’s Junior Miss you can BUILD your confidence and get hands on with your self esteem –  all whilst making friends and wearing glamorous heels on the catwalk.


How awesome is that?


PS The answers to all the questions above are “Yes” –  and if it doesn’t feel like that right now, we promise to help you feel that way!


The team behind Britain’s Junior Miss have been organising events of this kind for over 20 years.


Coupling a wealth of experience with the youthful exuberance and fresh ideas of the whole team.


Everyone in the team has been a contestant in previous events and loved the experience so much that they wanted to stay involved.


Britain’s Junior Miss aims to develop 13 to 17 year old girls from all areas and backgrounds into strong, confident, independent young women whilst giving them a fun and empowering experience.


Each Finalist will be encouraged and coached to be an ambassador and role model in their area. Raising money for Charity as well as promoting and helping out good causes.


Each winner will have lifetime access to The Crown Academy.


The Crown Academy’s sole purpose is to CReate Outstanding WomeN by coaching them in areas of their life which may bring challenges. Such as confidence and self esteem, bullying, finance, getting ready for the workplace or Further Education, relationships and being a valuable member of the community.


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