Busy being Junior Miss Bolton & Bury

Hello, everyone!

Well I have had a busy past few weeks! I’ve had the Easter holidays so in between revision for my A Levels (scary stuff), I have been dress shopping (as a girl can never have too many dresses ;), been to see Dynamo (an incredible magician with an incredible story behind his struggle to get where he is today) Live at the MEN Arena and I have talked to more acne/skin care companies about my acne campaign and much more! Then the past couple of weekends I have spent with the lovely Team North!

On Saturday the 9th I helped out at the Miss and Junior Miss Bolton and Bury scouting day! It was held at the Bolton Marketplace and it was a really fun day, which presented me with yet more new experiences! It was my first attempt at scouting, so it was a little bit difficult at first but I think we all got into the swing of it in the end!



Junior Miss Bolton & Bury




It was great to be able to have the opportunity to educate people about what these heats are actually about and bust all of the perceptions and myths about them. It was really heart-warming also when you scouted a person, and you saw their face, all shocked, saying ‘What, me?’. I genuinely think we found girls who were beautiful on both the inside and the outside. So the question is… has one of us scouted the NEW Miss and/or Junior Miss Bolton and Bury!?!?





The Sunday after saw the finals of Junior Miss Preston (which also happens to be the first heat I ever attended and watched as a ‘Miss’ an entire year ago). This was yet another new, very exciting experience for me as Mark had asked me to judge this final; alongside the two gorgeous girls who go by the names of Skye Bo Mitchell – (Junior Miss North West 2014/15) and Leah Atherton – (Junior Miss Wigan 2015/16).






It was a really different and exciting experience to be part of but also so hard as all of the girls were so good! It was great to see new faces but also some faces that I knew taking part, such as Rachel Simpson, Elli Westwood and Megan Dunne. In the end – (after much deliberation), Elli Westwood took home the crown (alongside the Junior Miss Charity AND Junior Miss Publicity awards)!!!







Passed on from the lovely Abbie Kerr, who was Junior Miss Preston 2015/16. Abbie was an amazing role model to Preston and has such a fun and caring personality, and I wish her well with her next ventures! WE LOVE YOU ABBIE! It was lovely to see Elli take home the crown that evening after seeing her grow from her first heat. CONGRATULATIONS and I wish Elli all of the success with her title and in the run up to competing in Britain’s Junior Miss.




That evening I also got to present the Junior Miss Eco-award, and this went to Ellie Keeney, for her very creative, recycled/revamped Eco-dress. Rachel Simpson won the Junior Miss Popularity Preston award (and may I just say, it has been amazing to see you progress since your first heat and I’m so proud of you!) and Emily Hanigan won the Junior Miss Personality award! Whilst Hannah Wadsworth placed 2nd and Megan Dunne placed 3rd. – Well done girls!!!




Even though, there can unfortunately be only one winner, all of the girls should be incredibly proud of themselves, as they’ve all shown really unique qualities to be a part of these heats, and simply getting up on stage can be so hard! So a HUGE well done to all of the girls and please, please, PLEASE keep coming back to do more – Elli herself is living proof that your dreams can be achieved!




Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the Miss Preston finals on Monday, however I cannot leave my blog there without saying, what an amazing Miss Preston Holly Moore has been! She’s a girl who never fails to make everyone smile and amuse everyone, whilst also having a heart of gold! WE LOVE YOU HOLLY!! I wish Holly also, all of the success in the world for her next adventures! Taking over from Holly, is Elizabeth Grant, who I cannot wait to meet when Team North are reunited for their next adventures (but from what I’ve seen you looked like you had amazing time on stage)! I cannot wait to see what Elizabeth gets up to with her title this year!
Welcome to Team North girls!




That’s it from me for now (but of course please feel free to message me if there’s an event I can get involved with and/or there’s a topic you would like me to blog about)!

Junior Miss Bolton and Bury 2015/16, Giorgia. x X x