Giorgia talks about her year as Junior Miss Bolton & Bury

Hello everyone,


This will be my final blog as Junior Miss Bolton and Bury 2015/16, which is rather upsetting. Unfortunately, I am away and therefore unable to attend the finals to hand over my title; so I’m going to try my best to get everything that I would’ve liked to have said down in this blog; so apologies in advance for it being a bit longer than normal!
I thought I would begin by reflecting on my highlights over my year and five months… Of course my biggest highlight was the night of Junior Miss Bolton and Bury 2015/16. The night was amazing, just like the finalists. It was such a pleasure to simply be back up on the stage and just have fun again and so I never in a million years expected to win an award, which was ‘Junior Miss Popularity Bolton and Bury 2015/16’. Of course I was then absolutely gobsmacked when Mark said: ‘…and the winner of Junior Miss Bolton and Bury 2015/16 is *longest pause EVER* please put your hands together for… Giorgia Frost!’ I remember I couldn’t let go of the girls hands I was stood next to and just cried – with complete shock and happiness. I will forever be so grateful towards the Judges – Liv, Steph and Ivy, who decided to pick me that night.








My next highlight, was my photoshoot with Andy Bristow at Smithhills with my Miss Bolton & Bury, Laura. I had so much fun and learnt so much about modelling and photography techniques. I am ever so grateful for the AMAZING portfolio I came away with. It was the best photoshoot I’ve ever had.





Another big highlight was using my title to speak out about a topic close to my heart, which is acne – which some of you may know about from my previous blogs and Facebook posts. I spoke to numerous journalists and skin care companies to get my story heard and the results I had back off those that did were amazing. I’ve received so many kind words, letters, products and incredible publicity. I managed to get a lot of articles out and about with thanks to Lumie the skin care lamp company. One of the best parts for me though, was having the backing of The British Skin Foundation over my reign, I am ever so thankful for all of the support, encouragement and the massive amounts of publicity they have got my story. On June 30th 2015 my first Acne Story was published and the acknowledgement it got was incredible; my article was printed in many countries, such as: the USA, Australia, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Following on from that I managed to get more companies and press on board sharing my story and during May this year My Story had another massive success and I feel like more people had begun to hear My Acne Story.





The best part for me over the entire experience has got to be the friends I have made. I met some incredible girls in my finals, all of which I’m still in contact with now and also through the heats I attended and helped the contestants out at. Team North has been incredible. I could not have wished to have met any nicer people, who inspire me, encourage me and support me. They are the most incredible people in the world and I have truly made some friends for life. Team North, is simply one big family. <3








A MASSIVE THANK YOU goes out to Mary, Mark and Mathilde. I cannot thank you all enough. I have been lucky enough to meet Mathilde as a new part of Team North and you simply have a heart of gold. Mary, knows every single girl like the back of her hand, and I can never, ever thank you enough for all of your encouragement and work you put into not just me but all of the girls. It has been so nice to work so closely with you – after knowing Mary from the previous Miss Bury heats. Mark, well I have no words to describe what an amazing job you do for us all, you literally eave me speechless. Thank you ever so much for all of your encouragement, inspiration, guidance and support. I truly cannot put into words how amazing these people are and what they do for not only Team North but every single contestant in every single heat. What they do truly amazes me. The heats would not be what they are today without these three. They are the most incredible human beings in the world.




Another BIG THANK YOU goes to all of my family and friends who have supported me. Thank you to my sister for constantly supporting me and believing in me all of the time. A BIG thank you goes to my mum for supporting me through the heats I’ve done and also whilst I’ve had my title, for keeping me in check, sane and in some gorgeous dresses for the heats/events that I’ve attended. Like many of the girls in Team North know, our mums should get so much credit for being such amazing Pageant Mums! To my Dad, for supporting me and putting up with all of our pageant chatter and getting me here, there and everywhere all of the time and on time – #DaddyFrost’sTaxiService! I couldn’t have done it without you all.

I have had the most amazing time. I am SO grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to represent both Bolton and Bury and I really hope that I have made everyone proud. I have come away, so much more confident and SO happy, even though I am sad that it has come to an end.





People sometimes say ‘Third Time lucky’ / ‘Third Time is the charm’ and I feel like that could be true after entering Junior Miss Bury twice before, but it is helped and achieved mainly by hard work and determination. I have learnt to always believe in myself and never give up on my dreams.





So whichever two lucky girls take the titles, I want you to know it will be the most amazing year of your life. Make sure you use your titles as much as you possibly can and take every opportunity you are presented with. To all of the girls, I am so proud of you all, you’ve all come so far and done some amazing things and I’m sure you’ll all take something incredible away from the experience.



Giorgia Frost - acne (20)



Please girls don’t be strangers and keep coming back, just like I did. Please feel free to message me for a conversation or maybe some advice on anything. Good Luck to all of the girls and especially whoever our new winners will be.
Thank you all for reading my numerous blogs and especially this MASSIVE one.
With lots of love and hugs for the final time,

Your Junior Miss Bolton & Bury 2015/16, Giorgia Frost. x