How was Prom for Junior Miss Fylde Coast?

Hi everyone,



Prom season is here! This is one of my favourite times of the year where you get to see all the girls looking beautiful it’s not a time for judgement it’s not a time to see how much people spent on the dresses it’s a time to celebrate the years we have spent together as a year, spending the night with people you have spent the last 5 years with and the teachers that have helped along the way.







This red dress is from the dress studio! It was the perfect dress for me and I felt like a princess in this dress, red is one of my favourite colours so the dress just suited. It was nice to have a sit down 3 course meal with everyone and see everyone have a good time and dancing together with taking photos making memories that will last a life time.







Through the years of school when we come to the end we do an awards day where I won most likely to become famous who knew after winning Junior Miss Fylde Coast I would get most likely to become famous. Thank you to everyone that helped my prom experience be the best it good! Now to the future who knows what is next in store for Junior Miss Fylde Coast.



Speak soon 



Your Junior Miss Fylde Coast, Chantal xxx