Being Junior Miss Bolton & Bury opens many doors

Hello everyone,



I thought that this week I would blog about just one thing the Miss England North West Heats has helped me with.
My focus point this week is about the confidence and help it gives you, especially for interviews. For a bit of context, I am currently in my final year of A Levels, and being the ambitious individual that I am, I have always dreamed of going on to higher education, to study a degree. I have applied to do a Physical Geography degree (for a bit of insight into this, I’m the person that loves trekking through rivers, watching the rain and sees the natural beauty of natural hazards such as volcanoes). At the end of this I am currently of the opinion that I will go on to do a Master’s degree in Climatology and Meteorology to eventually be a Climatologist – (a weather presenter).




I have only had one interview, which has been at one of the Russel Group Universities. Before I got offered my interview, I received a private email off one of the Lecturers at the university and they said how my Personal Statement (which is basically an essay which talks about yourself and your chosen area of study) was one which ‘stood out from hundreds of others from around the world’. This was all thanks to me partaking in the Miss England North West Heats. I was able to fill a large section of my Personal Statement talking about the heats and what they entail, including charity work to writing blogs just like this one. At my interview a lot of the questions I got asked were based around my title. They asked about what the heats are like, what everyone does and what I have done with my title. With this I was able to impress the interviewer a lot with what I have done for various charities but especially with my acne story, where I told them how I have teamed up with large skin companies such as The British Skin Foundation and Lumie to get my story heard.



Junior Miss Bolton and Bury



After my interview a few days later I was delighted to have once again received another private email off one of the lecturers, saying that my interview was really interesting, and rather exceptional. I have been fortunate enough to get conditional offers from all of my university options and now it is just the case of that final push to obtain the grades that I need!




For interviews and other things alike before I entered one of these heats I used to be rather nervous and worry in advance about what I might be asked and how I might respond. By my third heat last March when I was lucky enough to win my title, I personally felt as if I had come on leaps and bounds and felt even though a little anxious like I was able to be more confident and relax more in my interview and talk more freely, show more of my personality and laugh anything off that I needed to. This has stayed with me throughout the year and now makes me feel like I could have a good go at any interviews etc. that I needed to. My confidence has grown even more so because of many other events that I have gone to and I have spoken at in front of big groups of people.




Therefore, girls!!! If YOU too want a confidence boost, why not apply and have a go at one of these heats for yourself and see if it helps you too? All of the girls I have spoken to, both Junior and Senior finalists have always said how much confidence they have gained from these heats which has helped each individual in various aspects of their lives.



Thanks for reading,


Giorgia, Junior Miss Bolton & Bury x x x