Junior Miss Bolton & Bury runs for The British Skin Foundation

Hello everyone!



Well I have had a very, very, VERY busy few months, I’ve had all of my A Level exams, with my 18th Birthday squeezed in between. Followed by my Leavers Mass for my school and college which I’ve spent seven years at! I’ve had my art exhibition and also my Sixth Form Leavers Prom too(which I’ve included a couple of photos of for both )! My Leavers mass was emotional, as it is somewhere that I have grown comfortable and met some amazing teachers and students too. My art exhibition was really good too, and really satisfying as I was able to see my years’ worth of work come together and gain compliments on it. Art is one of my greatest passions – as some of you may know from some of my previous blogs, it is something I love as I feel I can express myself through it. However, as one chapter ends a new one starts, so I am looking forward to starting my new chapter at University in September, meeting new people and being open to new, different and interesting experiences.







Outside of that side of my busy life I’ve also been busy continuing my mission with my title on spreading My Acne Story by continuously emailing lots of different newspapers, and skin care companies etc. The 30th June marked a year since my article was first published in the media, and I cannot believe how much My Story has developed since then and all of the opportunities it has brought me! The British Skin Foundation has backed me and My Story over my reign and I am ever so grateful. One of the things I am doing to give back to The British Skin Foundation is ‘The Big Fun Run Manchester 2016’ on Sunday 21st August with my Dad. I have been given lots of things to get fundraising and promoting with, from leaflets, to balloons to t-shirts.












I have set up a just giving page for any donations that anyone can spare – honestly this saying is true: ‘every penny counts’. The British Skin Foundation use all of the donations they receive to put in to their research into various skin cancer and skin disease research, and so it is something that is a very worthy cause. This is my link where any donations would be greatly appreciated from both me and my Dad, and here you can also read a summary of my story: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Giorgia-Frost









A few months ago I also had the pleasure of being invited, alongside my Mum to: ‘The British Skin Foundation’s 20 years Supporting Skin Disease and Skin Cancer Research’ reception and event at the Royal College of Physicians in London on Thursday 13th October this year. I am SO excited to be attending this high profile event, alongside other skin patients, celebrity supporters and researchers and it is an absolute honour to have been invited. I am so pleased that TBSF have also recognised all of the work I have done for them by promoting my Acne Story.






I have lots of other exciting things happening too at the moment so I’m trying my best to get some more things done associated with my title too. I have a couple of things up my sleeve, however I am not going to disclose these things just yet, and they may be done just after my title has ended but I really want to get them done!
Speaking of my title ending, Junior Miss and Miss finalists in the Bolton and Bury finals, it’s not too far away now!!! Keep going you’re all doing SO well and you’ve all done some amazing and original things and brought so many new ideas to the heats. Make sure you keep up to date with all of your fundraising, sharing your pages to get as many votes as possible and keep promoting what you have been up to!






Please, please, please, bombard me with messages and questions about it, I’d be more than happy to help you all out/give you some advice!




Thanks for reading,




With lots of love,




Your Junior Miss Bolton & Bury 2015/16, Giorgia x