Junior Miss Bolton & Bury’s news story, a great success!

Hello everyone!



Well I’ve had a busy few weeks, with the start of A Level exams – scary stuff! I can’t wait for them to finish so that I can get stuck back in with my title again for the final couple of weeks of holding my title and also move on to my next chapter of life – university!



Just before the exam period began, I had an interview with the Senior Reporter at Bolton News: Rosalind Saul, about my acne. Acne being the topic I chose to promote with my title, having suffered from spots for nearly 10 years now covering nearly all of my upper body, and having had literally every product on the market and every treatment in the biomedical world! I chose to turn this negative aspect of my body around and promote how competing in these heats has literally instilled within me that: ‘Beauty is being the best version of yourself on both the inside and out’, and showing to others how our heats aren’t all about ‘looking a certain way’.






Back in June last year, I had massive success with my acne story and appeared in not only local news, but international newspapers and blogs from around the world, including in the USA, Japan, Australia and Germany.



I talked to Rosalind all about my acne journey and how the heats have helped me to accept it and gain confidence and also where I’m up to now with regards to my treatment and a little update on that front…. I’ve come off all of my acne tablets, but one set and also the cream, so fingers crossed my skin will continue to improve!  It was lovely being able to talk to her about it and receive so much positivity off her and her colleagues alone. I am so grateful for the opportunities my title has given me!



A week or so later, my article was published, and I was not at all expecting the reaction I got from it. I received amazing comments about my story and it really touched me, receiving messages from both people I know and also people I don’t know, saying how much my story has inspired them to feel more confident and speak out about their acne, and honestly they’ve equally inspired me. I had hundreds of shares on social media, and once again The British Skin Foundation who I have been working with throughout my reign shared my story as much as they could. I received some incredible comments through TBSF from some of their clients, other acne groups and also Masters at universities and high schools in the UK, saying how inspirational my story is and how they have shared it within their areas of work. I featured in not only The Bolton News but also, The Bury Times, This Is Lancashire, The MEN and also more recently in Italian and Cypriot magazines too! I have of course received amazing comments not only off my family and some of my friends, but also off Team North, who have unwavering support for every single person in our big ‘crown family’. These girls and Mark really inspire me every day!






I cannot thank everyone enough who shared my story and supported it! It made me really emotional reading so many amazing stories and comments. I am so happy that this topic is beginning to get heard; as it is a topic that is proven to be promoted/taught the least in schools/colleges and really it should be talked about more often; with over 80% of 11 to mid-20 year olds suffering from acne and more than 15% suffering from acne who are over 30 years old.



Here I have enclosed one of the links, if you would like to read my article if you’ve not already or perhaps want to share it – (it’s highly appreciated)! https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/14481654.Beauty_queen_battling_a_crippling_skin_condition_shares_her_story/



I have a few other ideas of things I want to do following on from this, but for now it’s a surprise as I finalise them- so watch this space! 😉 I look forward to revealing what these ideas are soon, but for now it is focusing on revision and looking forward to watching the Miss Southport finals with Team North and my family! Good Luck girls, you’ll all be super!



With, much love and thanks,



Your Junior Miss Bolton & Bury 2015/16, Giorgia x