“Just try to be the best version of you” – says Junior Miss Wigan

Hi all, me again



So when I sat down to write this next blog, I thought to myself “what can I write about?” I thought “what do I feel so strongly about that I can put out there to you guys?” that was when I decided to make it personal and talk about body image and how bullying affects our perception of ourselves.



Body image is the way you see yourself and imagine how you look to others. If someone has a positive body image then they see themselves, most of the time, accurately and feel comfortable in their own body and feel good about how they look. However this isn’t always the case and some people have a negative body image and this is more common than a positive body image, which is frightening. People who suffer from having a negative body image struggle to see themselves as themselves and don’t feel comfortable with what they look like. Although it is common to struggle with body image, no matter who it is, if it becomes severe then it can cause serious eating and exercise disorders.






We can all see our own imperfections and flaws and this is completely normal however when other people who you might not like to know about these insecurities chose to remind you of them and laugh at them, this is when it gets serious and bullying starts to occur. The perception of yourself that you see should always be that you are being the best version of you! Whether that be a certain size or whether or not you wear makeup, everybody deserves to feel comfortable in their own bodies. I feel very strongly about bullying as from past experience it can make you feel small, lower self-esteem and also your confidence can be flattened. Most school children these days are trying so hard to fit in and be alike to others surrounding them in return for not being judged and bullied when in reality they should be unique to them and want to wear, do, say, look and act the way THEY feel.



Bullies function from jealousy.



As well as the media heavily influencing ones view of themselves also the environment around them can influence it too. They are not stating the difference between human beings and the difference they should have from others but stating how they SHOULD look and what they SHOULD act like. The photos in magazines also heavily influence, not only girls but boys too, but these images are so airbrushed today that no one can achieve the ‘perfection’ portrayed in these photographs. Boys are trying at early ages to achieve the ‘6-pack’ that they are told they SHOULD have in today’s society.




A report done by BBC shows that over a third of 15 year old think their too fat and over half of these say that they had been bullied at some point in the last couple of months. It is very scary that so many people are being bullied in today’s society. While half of the time the people trying to stop the bullying for example teachers, parents etc. catch the innocent person and most likely, the victim is too scared to come forward about it.






Thanks for reading and I really hope that this makes some people think before they speak next time they have something nasty to say about others, turn it into a nice comment and make someone’s day. A simple, ‘I like your hair’ or ‘nice shoes’ could really put a smile on someone’s face and who knows they might return the compliment.



(Dedicated to Liv, sending my love and hugs) xxx



Speak soon



Leah – Your Junior Miss Wigan 2015/16