There are a few things that we strongly believe in at Britain’s Junior Miss


We Believe that every girl should have the opportunity to grow in Confidence


We Believe that every girl should have the opportunity to have a wonderfully supportive group of friends


We Believe that every girl should have the opportunity to make a difference in her Community


We Believe that every girl should have the support and assistance to become the Best Version of Herself


We Believe that we, at Britain’s Junior Miss, help to Create Outstanding Women


As a Finalist with Britain’s Junior Miss you will have all of those things and so much more.


The Fun Stuff


Each girl selected as a Finalist will receive a Finalist’s Sash.


You’ll get to meet the friendliest bunch of supportive, like minded girls from all over the Country who will become your friends for life.


You’ll get your own Official “Junior Miss” Facebook page so that you can document all the fun things that you’ll get involved in.


We will help you to have a voice in your Community and beyond to make a difference about things that you are passionate about.


You will get to take part in a 4 scene Catwalk Show and Awards Ceremony on Sunday 12th April 2020, at the stunning Northwich Memorial Court, Cheshire just South of Manchester, ¬†where you will get to Model your own choice of Sportswear, Black and Sparkles outfit, Eco Friendly Outfit and Evening Wear (or Prom Wear). Don’t worry, we’ll explain those outfits in more details as your application progresses.


As it’s the Easter holidays a lot of families use it as a great reason for a little weekend break to see a new place and come and support you at the Final.


The Meaningful Stuff


From the moment you are confirmed as a Finalist you can start to make a difference for yourself and those around you.


We will support you to raise money and awareness for our chosen Charity – Variety, the Children’s Charity. Over the past 7 years our events have enabled us to donate over ¬£340,000 to help disabled and disadvantaged children. We are very proud of that.


We will also support you to have a voice and get involved in events and causes in your own Community.


If there’s something that you really care about, being a Britain’s Junior Miss Finalist can give you that little extra bit of confidence and credibility to help and make things happen.


Many of our Finalists have become involved in Anti-Bullying Charities, helping the Homeless, Animal Sanctuaries and local Children’s Hospices.


They are welcomed with open arms and really make a difference.


We are so proud of the girls who have gained Titles so far, we hope you can join them.


If you haven’t already, you can enter now below. It’s quick, easy and can absolutely change your life as it has many others already.


We hope to see you soon.